Plastering Installation

The benefits of plaster over drywall are many. Plaster walls look visually better when skim coated than regular drywall. Plaster wall take paint evenly unlike drywall which paint often appears different over the joint compound than over the drywall. Plaster walls are more durable than non plastered walls. Once cured plaster is resistant to short-term water exposure giving it another added bonus. Home remodeling, renovation, or repair work, applying plaster to drywall is a job best left to the professionals. Mike's Plastering has over 10 years of experience plastering. The walls and ceilings of your house is seen everyday by you and your guests. Plaster can be applied in many different textures and designs. When strength and durability is needed plaster is the way to go.

Plastering Repair

The most common problems with plaster walls are dents, holes and cracks. Depending on the severity of the damage plaster repair can be challenging especially if the walls are textured. Match the texture of the surrounding area involves a keen eye to detail and understanding the nature of how plaster is installed.